GRE Analytical Writing Webinar


Analytical Writing Preparation Session – Free to all registrants in Richardson Toronto GRE Courses

The GRE includes an Analytical Writing test. The  test requires you to answer two essay questions:

1. Analysis of an Issue
2. Analysis of an Argumen

There is no mulitple-choice  component to the Analytical  Writing Section. You  will receive a score from 0 – 6 which is not part of your 200 – 800 (current GRE) or 130 – 170 (Revised GRE) scaled  scores.

The “Revised  GRE” is retaining the Analytical  Writing  test.

Our Analytical Writing Preparation Session will be delivered in the form of a Webinar via Skype which means that you can participate from your home or office. You will need a Skype account to participate you can sign up for Skype here.

Upcoming Analytical Writing Seminars are:

S. 1 Monday November 21/11 – 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

As preparation for  this seminar you are urged  to review the GRE information about the GRE Analytical Writing Assessment.

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