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GRE Updates 2013 to 2014 test year

Just received  the following information of  interest  from  the GRE program:

Great News and New Tools to Share with Prospective GRE Test Takers

The GRE Program has introduced some nice enhancements for test takers. Pass this information on to prospective graduate and business school candidates and also encourage them to download the current GRE® Bulletin (PDF) to get all the details about GRE test registration, test preparation, test day, score reporting and more for the 2013–14 testing year. Here are some of the highlights:

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Test wars – GRE vs. GMAT – Making changes for victory

Test Wars – The GMAT vs. The GRE – Making Changes For  Victory

It’s a great time to be a test taker. The GMAT and GRE are fighting it to be the test of choice for MBA and other graduate programs.

If you don’t know “GMAT” is an acronym for “Graduate Management Admission Test” and “GRE” is an acronym for “Graduate Record Exam”. The GMAT is the admissions test for most MBA programs. The GRE is a required admissions test for many graduate programs. They are both multiple-choice tests which are administered on computer and are computer adaptive.  Up until a few years ago, both tests were developed by “ETS” better known as the “Educational Testing Service”. This changed when “GMAC” (Graduate Management Admission Council – sounds important doesn’t it) fired ETS and transferred responsibility for the design and administration of  the GMAT to Pearson Education. Continue reading