Best GRE prep books

Best GRE Prep Books (and courses)

Everybody buys books and many people take GRE Preparation Courses. The Richardson Prep Centre offers Toronto GRE Preparation Courses.

Toronto GRE Preparation Courses  run monthly.

The Official  Guide  To The  Revised GRE  is essential to your GRE prep. It is published by the test designer.



The most important prep principle is to begin with what GRE says about its own test! The following are the most important sources of GRE preparation:

FREE GRE Preparation Aids General Test – Direct from the test designer:

Powerprep software – the best available  software to reflect the format of the test

Preparation material for the Revised GRE

Practice Book for the Paper Based Revised GRE

What level of math does the GRE assume? – GRE Math conventions

– An Introduction to the Analytical Writing Section of the GRE General Test (PDF)

– Preparing for the Verbal and Quantitative Sections of the GRE General Test (PDF)

– Math Review (PDF)

Priced GRE Preparation Aids – Direct from the test designer

– Book – Practicing to Take the GRE General Test, 10th Edition – for the 2011 GRE (still useful for math practice)

– Book – The Official Guide to the Revised GRE – Now available for the revised GRE

– Evaluation – Analytical Writing – ScoreItNow!™ Online Writing Practice

GRE Verbal  Prep Blog

– a third party GRE  blog to prepare for the current GRE verbal  section.

GRE Subject Test  Preparation – Direct from the test designer

The Official Guide To GRE (10 edition):

Although this is based on the pre-2011 GRE format, it includes a number of “real GRE test questions” that are useful for practice.

Finally, books that do not come directly from GRE – “After Market” Books

There are many “after market” GRE  books.

“After market” books may be useful as a supplement to your GRE test prep.

They should NOT be used as your sole source of GRE preparation questions.


3 thoughts on “Best GRE prep books

  1. S. Parihar

    There is not enough material available for the revised GRE General test. I have my test on August 2, 2011. Could you suggest me some books? I have ETS Official Guide to the Revised GRE general test and Kaplan’s New GRE Premier, but I need some more material. Please help me.

    1. Best GRE Prep Books

      You are right. There is very little available. Some of the question types are being carried into the Revised GRE. Therefore, you could use the current GRE prep book from GRE – “Practicing To Take The GRE”.

      I believe that Princeton Review has also published a book about the Revised GRE. But, in general you should stick with the material from the test designer.

      You may want to check for updates at:

      and for the GRE Verbal:

  2. Alex

    Exactly where did you actually pick up the suggestions to compose ““Best GRE prep books | GRE Preparation Courses – Toronto, Canada”?
    Thanks for the post -Mari


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