Revised GRE Test 2011

Revised GRE Test – Debuts August 1, 2011

The current format of the GRE will end  on July 31, 2011. The “Revised GRE” will debut on August 1, 2011. All the changes  are of interest to many only those who take the GRE after August 1, 2011 will be affected. There will be a number of changes (including the scoring scale). The test is to become more  “reasoning based”.  The  GRE verbal section will be changed so that questions which are dependent on knowing specific vocabulary will be  removed. Much information may be found here.

Should You Take The Current GRE or Wait For The Revised GRE?

Although the Revised GRE will be administered from August 1, 2011, Revised GRE scores will not be released until November 2011.

Therefore, if you need a GRE score prior to November of 2011 you must take the current GRE.

Some  topics of spectific  interest are:

How will the  Revised GRE of 2011 be different?

What are examples of sample  questions which will be on  the new  GRE?

Where can I find new PowerPrep software  for the Revised GRE?

What are  others saying about  the new GRE?  See the Associates Link here.

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